Love More and Stress Less Tea in kraft bag
Love More and Stress Less Tea in kraft bag

Love More and Stress Less Tea in kraft bag

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Organic Ingredients:
-Lemon Balm 

A tea filled with love !
The way these three herbs synergistically work together is harmonic healing!

Damiana- an herb from South America known as an aphrodisiac ....
Not in the sense of sending blood to the sex organs, but in the sense of allowing yourself to feel love and let love in.
Damiana is the herb that helps you fall back in love with life when you have given up and put your walls up!

Lemon Balm is a great Nervine , is described as very uplifting , teaches you the joy of living and a stronger spiritual connection .... her enthusiasm is contagious!

Rose is a Nervine , traditionally used with chronic grief, broken heart, and PTSD.
Rose is Said to hold the highest frequency/ vibration of all the plants. Helps you accept love with compassion. Heals the Heart and addresses wounds.

And together they make an amazing tea hot or iced anytime of year , as you need to fill your heart and lessen the things that stress us.

Comes in 1oz kraft bag 

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