About Us



My name is Tynne Love. I'm a second generation clinical herbalist, and began making elderberry syrup along side my mom for our friends and family in 2000. My love for herbs and natural healing came from my own journey back to health, and seeing just how powerful the alternative medicine world is. After learning Qi gong, Massage therapy, Jin Shin Do acupressure, sound healing, Singing, and working as a vegan chef for many years, herbalism and the plant world was what called to me the most - which turned in to the Herbal Deva you see today.

As an herbalist, I focus on local and organically grown products by working with and supporting many local farms across Connecticut, as well as cultivate from my own urban farm. As a commitment to sustainability, I work with opportunistic plants (plants that some might call invasive), in the ways that nature guides me. I'm an advocate for protecting at risk and endangered plants, and if you'd like to learn more, you can visit unitedplantsavers.org 

"Deva" (pronounced 'day-vuh') in Sanskrit means "body of light." Devas exist throughout all of nature. They're the unseen, spiritual forces or beings of nature, working on the etheric level. Every plant, flower, tree, and herb has its own Deva or nature spirit - and by connecting to that Deva, we are more receptive to that plants information and medicine.

My main clinical training was with David Winston. Other inspirations and influences have been Rosemary Gladstar, Tonya Lemos, Holly Bellebuono, Chris Marano and many more.

If you'd like a personal herbal protocol, you can go do so here: https://herbaldeva.com/pages/contact