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🌱 Consultations are for those interested in a more personalized protocol that want specific herbs matched to their body and its current needs, along with professional recommendations from my experience of over 28 years in the healing world. Herbs are not a one size fits all, and the art of an herbalist is to fit the right herbs to the person, not to the ailment. Consultations are available on a limited basis each month via Zoom. You can fill out the google form below and I'll get back to you shortly. 

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🌱 It's recommended to schedule your first follow up 1 month after starting your herbal protocol, and you're encouraged to reach out if needed. Consultations can be used continuously for whatever needs that arise in the future.

🌱 Consultations are not intended to replace medical care or treat disease, but to support health. If this is an emergency, please contact your doctor or call 911.