Dragon Fire (Fire Cider) 8oz

Dragon Fire (Fire Cider) 8oz

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All Organic ingredients grown in Connecticut from CT Farms !!!
Everybody has a different version of fire cider mine has an alchemical magical process!
It is infused for a minimal 2 full Moon cycles up to 6 full Moon cycles which is six months!
Use this anywhere you would use vinegar or apple cider vinegar. If you take apple cider vinegar shots this is boosting it to a whole new level!


- Horseradish

- Garlic

- Tumeric

- Ginger

- Onions

- Hot peppers


My recommended way to take this:

one table-spoon of dragon fire and in the winter I prefer the hot water, let the steam rise and open the sinuses. 

We also carry a version made with horseradish honey called Sweet and Spicey dragon fire! Take a look to see if we have it in stock!