Fresh Elderberry Syrup (3 Bottles)
Fresh Elderberry Syrup (3 Bottles)
Fresh Elderberry Syrup (3 Bottles)

Fresh Elderberry Syrup (3 Bottles)

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This is a 3 pack of organic elderberry syrup that has a shelf life of 1 year if kept in the fridge when you receive. The bottle size is 8oz each and has well over 45 servings in each (serving being 1 teaspoon.} So if you are looking to stock up for the winter, or are a family of 2 or more then this is the package for you! If you are looking for gifts, this is a great package deal! 

Elderberry Syrup grown and made in CT

Made with all Organic Herbs, we work with local farms to grow elderberries and currants, source the best hibiscus and rosehips available, and use the best honey in CT (my opinion!)

The process is proprietary, unlike any other handmade or store-bought syrup. There is magic involved in the making! We produce Elderberry Syrup in a commercial kitchen in CT from the end of August until March - or until we run out! We use fresh and fresh frozen elderberries in every batch; we never use green berries or stems. We take the time to make sure you get the most berries in every bottle! This is highly concentrated and not diluted. It is very tasty and Kid Approved. some of my ways of taking elderberry syrup is with a spoon, add a spoon of seltzer, add a spoon to lemon water, add it to tea, smoothie, hot chocolate or make an elderberry latte. 

Also, Makes a great cocktail addition! 

Grab a bottle of our bestselling Elderberry Syrup and discover the magic for yourself.