Sacred Space Spray 2oz
Sacred Space Spray 2oz

Sacred Space Spray 2oz

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This is what I call the four directions protection spray.

Frankincense for the north,

Palo Santo for the south,

Sage for the west,

Cedar wood for the east

A powerful blend of protective oils blended together to make a super powerful clearing spray! These oils are for clearing energy and space and are great to release trauma, negative energies, and add protection for your own energetic field. This is great for anyone including light workers, body workers, energy workers, therapists, teachers, anyone who is sensitive to the energy around them!

-Non GMO
-Gluten Free
-Organically Grown
-Free from any artificial colors, flavors, or other synthetic materials
-Sustainable Ingredients

- 2 oz. Glass Bottle.

Bottle may be amber color depending on supply.