Krishna Tea w/ Yerba Mate
Krishna Tea w/ Yerba Mate
Krishna Tea w/ Yerba Mate
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Krishna Tea w/ Yerba Mate

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Organic Ingredients:
-Lemon Balm
-Lemon Grass
-Blue Pea Flower
-Yerba Mate

A wonderfully crisp refreshing tea, great hot or cold! It's fun for all, very calming with great nervines, and a nice balance with a hint of Yerba Mate!
This tea turns a beautiful blue color from the butterfly pea flower! Wow your friends and have fun with children, but most of all enjoy this healing magical blue tea whenever you are feeling a need for a smile!
Organic and made in our commercial kitchen in Westport, CT
Made to order!
My favorite way to make loose leaf tea is in a French press!

Comes in 8oz  by volume in reusable glass Mason jars.