DIY Krishna Syrup
DIY Krishna Syrup
DIY Krishna Syrup

DIY Krishna Syrup

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This is a kit to create your own simple syrup. Make as little or as much as you want at a time. 
Krishna syrup turns a deep blue color and simple syrups have a month shelf life when kept in the refrigerator. 
So make the whole thing or make a little at a time!
The syrup is great for so many things you can make your own homemade blue soda, just add it to seltzer water, you can add it to lemonade and it will turn purple create your own mocktails or the most beautiful holiday cocktails, pour it over fresh fruit pour it over ice cream and other desserts where ever you would like a simple syrup! Many Special tea latte’s are adding this To it to turn a beautiful blue color the all natural way.


- Organic cane-sugar

- Organic blue pea flower

*Follow Instructions on the label