All Natural Hand Sanitizer (alcohol free) 2oz
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All Natural Hand Sanitizer (alcohol free) 2oz

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This All Natural Hand Sanitizer doubles as a Throat Spray and can also be used to spray surfaces especially when traveling. Think about all the germs at airports, or even on your own steering wheel, tray tables, door knobs, sinks, railings, everything we touch! I never leave home without this, and because it's only the best essential oils and distilled water I can spray this in my mouth at first sign of a tickle. Also, if someone's sneezes around me, I'm spraying this right away!
The best thing about this spray is the way it smells!
The Perfect fall and winter holiday smell!
At 2 oz it's the perfect carry on size for the plane or anywhere you go!
I always spray my hands after I leave the gym too! So many uses!
For kids and adults.

*dont spray in your eyes
*careful with any orifices on the body or open wounds.