3 Part Home Herbalist Series

3 Part Home Herbalist Series

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This 3 part herb series helps you become a confident home herbalist . This class will be divided into 3 classes to give an in-depth east to learn program with an amazing herbalist and teacher , Tynne Love owner of Herbal Deva LLC.

There will be hands on making , samples, herb walks, and more ! 
There are only 10 spots available and sells out everytime but if you need some more reasons why you should join this class (and joining all is the best way to support your family) then here are just a few more reasons !!!!

🌱Hands-on learning: Joining an in-person herbalist program allows you to learn through hands-on experience, which can be particularly beneficial when working with herbs. You will have the opportunity to touch, smell, taste, and learn the properties of different herbs first-hand, which can be a powerful way to deepen your understanding of herbal medicine.

🌱Personalized instruction: In-person herbalist programs may provide the opportunity for more personalized instruction from the program instructor, who can answer questions, offer feedback, and provide guidance that is specific to your individual needs and goals.

🌱Community building: Participating in an in-person herbalist program can also provide the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for herbal medicine. Building a supportive community of fellow learners can be both motivating and empowering, as you share knowledge, experiences, and resources with one another.

🌱Networking opportunities: Herbal classes in person can provide networking opportunities that can be valuable for future career opportunities, collaboration, or partnerships not to mention like minded people to create new friendships with.

🌱Accountability: Being part of a structured in-person class can help keep you accountable and motivated to stay on track with your learning and practice. This can be particularly important if you are new to herbalism and need guidance on how to get started or stay motivated.